How to find us

Headquarters (open every day, including Saturday and Sunday)

Piazza Rolla, 4 - 17046 Savona, Italy tel. 019 720013 fax. 019 9241030

Representative offices (by appointment only)

Piazza S. Pietro - S. Pietro (Urbe) - Looks map Via Roma, 16 - Pontinvrea (SV) - Looks map

By Train
State Railway: information tel (+39) 147888088
The lines serving the area are:
Genova - Ventimiglia: Arenzano, Cogoleto, Varazze, Albisola
Genova-Asti: Mele, Campo Ligure e Rossiglione

By Bus
TLP Freephone number: tel 800 012727
Line: Savona-Giovo Ligure - Sassello-Maddalena - Martina Olba Linea: Varazze - Giovo Ligure-Sassello
ARFEA (Acqui): tel. (+39) 0144/322023
Line: Acqui Terme - Sassello
Line: Sampierdarena - Cogoleto - Varazze
Line: Sampierdarena - Masone - Varazze

A10 Genova - Ventimiglia (motorway exits of Albisola, Varazze, Arenzano, Voltri)
A26 Voltri - Alessandria (motorway exits of Voltri and Masone)

Main Roads
SS1 Aurelia: reaches the coastal areas
SS334 del Giovo: connects Albisola to Sassello, Urbe, Tiglieto and Rossiglione
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